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This is my collection of Buffalo Bills games on video. I also collect Super Bowls, and AFC/NFC Championship games.


Most games, from 1991 to the present, are masters (meaning taped by me), labeled as "M". However, they were taped at SLP (or EP) speed. Starting in 1999, masters were taped at LP speed.


Most all of my masters have the pre-game show, and I started taping ESPN's NFL PrimeTime show several years ago, as well. I will not include them in your game unless you specifically request them.


With few exceptions, my games are complete, from the end of the pre-game show until you see the United plane fly off, or is it Southwest now? lol


I do not do edited huddles, though in a lot of my early games, the commercials are cut out. If I know any time on the clock is missing from my game, I will tell you that.


If you have a particular game request, I will be glad to review it for you, and give you an accurate assessment.


"1" means right off the master, or 1st generation.

For a trade, please e-mail me at:

Current Trade Status

My "most wanted" list

Last updated: 24 Mar 08


If you're considering a trade with Mark Spivack (aka NFLONVHS / LitLawSteel), I recommend that you think twice. - is this guy even around anymore???


OMG, I can't believe I actually am back!!!...these last 6 months have been HORRENDOUS for me, thank you all for your patience while I sort all  kinds of things out.  It will definitely take a while to update everything I need to update, so your continued patience is much appreciated!...First thing on my list to trade for is any and all NFL PT shows from the past two years.  I am dreadfully behind on that front.  Beyond that, I will let you know, unless you have a Bills game that is NOT on my list (I have all of 2007 and 2006, just haven't updated as yet).


And one more thing, stay away from GEICO!!!  Unless you have stock in Tylenol or other pain reliever, they are NOT worth the headaches I am STILL going through with them.  Their service is NOT worth the 15% or whatever they say they will save you.  Their commercials aren't even cute to me anymore!


Anyone have an extra copy of The Sporting News 2007 Football Guide and/or Register I could trade for or purchase?


I need a nice copy of the 4th quarter of SB XL

I would love a better copy of the 1991 NY Jets at Buffalo game...also 1990 New England at Buffalo...someone with an LP or SP master pls email me

ANYONE know when the "Double Doink" FG occurred?  That is what Chris Berman called it, which is when the FB hit both uprights and went in.  I DO think I have it on tape somewhere but don't know when.  I FOUND IT!!!  but it was a miss ugh!  2000 week 9 Detroit @ Indianapolis.  The Lions kicker did it.

I have three games which are either duplicates, or mean nothing to me, with regards to my collection...they are:

    2002 Buffalo @ Oakland (LP master copy)

    2003 Baltimore @ Oakland (LP master copy)

    2003 New Orleans @ Jacksonville (1st generation, I think)

If you want any or all of these, please make me an offer!

It appears that EarthLink has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB and here is the link so you can check it out for yourself:

I can attest to the validity of this report.  Again, if you are considering an ISP, I strongly urge you to stay away from EarthLink!

See GEICO for what they REALLY are...known for their cute commercials, and that's it!

Check my "wanted" list for some other possibilities for trade bait!

Van Miller, long-time announcer of the Buffalo Bills called his final game at New England in 2003 after an illustrious 37-year career as "The Voice of the Bills."

Please read my "What I would like" segment of this site, located just below.

I have successfully traded with over 250 folks from 42 states, 3 Canadian provinces and 5 foreign countries.

I update my "wanted/needed" list frequently, so check it out.  We might be able to help each other out.

***I will tape your games in either LP or SP, your choice (or EP if you really insist).

***I can also dub to DVD in any speed you desire (I have the +R format).

***I will always send your games by USPS Priority Mail. 

***If you see something you would like, but don't have anything to offer, or don't have anything I am interested in, we can work out another arrangement. I DO NOT sell my games, just trade them. 

***My games will be evaluated as honestly as possible (understanding that all grading systems are subjective). 

***The tapes I use are Maxell, Sony, and TDK(T-120, T-160, T-180 depending on tape length).

***I have the following brands of DVDs: TDK, Memorex, Maxell and Verbatim.

***I will use brand-new, unused tapes, and expect that you will do likewise.

***I will not mark on the front of the tape labels, but will identify the game in pencil on the reverse side of the label, unless you tell me otherwise.

***I would like all my games taped in SP.

***I STILL want all trades on VHS, as I do NOT have but one DVD unit.  I hope to have that second unit very soon!

***My tape preference is TDK (specifically DSP, EH-G, VIVID, or HS), though I will accept BASF (T-180), Sony (Premium grade or better preferred) or Maxell (T-180s or Gold Series preferred).  Please DO NOT send me any other brands!  Another link to try is this one for brands I like.

***I am really not picky as to a preferred brand of DVD+R, except I do NOT want off brands or store brands like Office Depot (no offense to the store itself).  Maxell, TDK, Sony, Verbatim, etc are acceptable.

***In all of the games I trade for, I am looking for the tape / DVD to start at the beginning of the broadcast (as opposed to right at the kickoff) and end when the broadcast is over (as opposed to as soon as the clock hits "00"). 

***I would love the pre-game, halftime, and postgame shows included, if possible, and if they fit on one tape / DVD. If they don't, then two tapes / DVDs are fine.  Please let me know if your game lacks in any of these areas as I'd like to know what to expect. 

***I would also like my tape labels left blank, unless you want to identify the game on the reverse side in pencil, as I do, or with a sticky note.

Some useless, but interesting facts regarding my football tapes:
.....49 different referees work the games I display. These are the top ten: (1) Bob McElwee - 34; (2) Jerry Markbreit - 26; (3) Pat Haggerty (deceased) - 23; (4) Johnny Grier and Gerry Austin - 22; (6) Tom White and Bill Carollo - 21; (8) Bernie Kukar - 20; (9) Ed Hochuli, Red Cashion and Gordon McCarter (deceased) - 19.

.....159 different announcers work the games I display, with usually 2 per game. These are the top ten: (1) Dr. Dick Enberg (who else?!) - 70; (2) Don Criqui (from WNY - St. Joe's) - 56; (3) Dan Dierdorf - 49; (4) Paul Maguire (from local Eden, NY) - 42; (5) Pat Summerall - 41; (6) Frank Gifford - 36; (7) Marv Albert - 34; (8) Phil Simms - 33; (9) Bob Trumpy, Al Michaels and John Madden - 32.

.....121 different head coaches are on the games I display. These are the top ten: (1) Don Shula (again, who else???!) - 45; (2) Bill Parcells - 24; (3) Bill Belichick - 23; (4) Dan Reeves and Chuck Noll - 18; (6) Bill Cowher - 17; (7) Marty Schottenheimer - 15; (8) Jimmy Johnson, Joe Walton and Tom Landry (deceased) - 14 each.


.....686 players are on the games I display.  These are the top ten: (1) Andre Reed - 240; (2) Bruce Smith - 234; (3) Jim Ritcher - 198; (4) Darryl Talley and Thurman Thomas - 196; (6) Mark Pike - 193; (7) Kent Hull - 188; (8) Steve Tasker - 180; (9) Jim Kelly - 179; (10) Chris Mohr - 175. (no one on the current roster is even remotely close! - Moorman and Schobel have 112)


.....EVERY uniform number has been used at least once in my collection - soon I will display the most used (376 of 418) and the least used (6 of 418) numbers.  See if you can guess, though you might be surprised, as I was, at the results.  Also see if anyone can guess the uniform number with the longest drought (30 non-strike years).  This is excluding the "unofficially" retired number 32 used by O. J. Simpson, last worn in 1977.  I will also see if anyone reads this far into my site LOL!


.....2 NFL teams have never been in Buffalo.  Can you guess which ones? - now only one!


.....The Bills have never lost to the Packers in Orchard Park - guess where we play them this year! he he he (did it again!!)


.....There are several Bills players that have changed uniform numbers during their tenure.  Can you name them? (Will Wolford is one - also Mark Pike, J D Williams, Cornelius Bennett, Walter Broughton, Keith Goganious and Jamie Mueller - hmmm, even current player Jason Peters)


.....There are at least four Bills who have left and come back to play for the Bills.  I can think of Joe DeLamielleure, Will Grant, Sam Gash and Peerless Price (who is the only player on the roster from our last playoff game).


.....How many times in Bills history can you recall the same number being worn on successive weeks by two different players?...and when was the last time it happened?


.....some interesting statistics you might find fun to look at - team shutouts


Buffalo Bills All-Time Leading Rushers


Buffalo Bills All-Time Leading Receivers


Buffalo Bills All-Time Leading Passers

Some NFL players who came from Western New York: (#games)
Erie County:

Gary Bugenhagen (Bills)(67)(?) - Clarence HS

Chuck Bullough (Dolphins)(93-94)(4) - Orchard Park HS

Jim Burt (Giants/49'ers)(81-90)(112) - Orchard Park HS

Jim Dombrowski (Saints)(86-96)(151) - Williamsville South HS

Wes Dove (Seahawks)(87)(2) - Kenmore East HS

Joe Ehrmann (Colts/Lions)(73-82)(122) - Buffalo Riverside HS

Steve Hamilton (Redskins)(85-88)(46) - Williamsville East HS

Ed Hughes (Rams/Giants/Oilers-HC)(54-58,71)(53) - Buffalo Kensington HS

Bill Hurley, Jr. (Saints/Bills)(82-83)(23) - St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute

Van Jakes (Chiefs/Saints/Packers)(83-84,86-89)(77) - Seneca Vocational HS

Matt Jaworski (Colts)(91)(8) - St. Francis HS of Athol Springs
Ron Jaworski (Eagles/LA Rams/Dolphins/Chiefs)(74-89)(188) - Lackawanna HS

Bryan Knight (Bears)(02-03)(31) - St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute

Jim Krieg (Broncos)(72)(6) - Kenmore East HS

Don Majkowski (Packers/Colts/Lions)(87-96)(90) - Depew HS
Mike Mamula (Eagles)(95-00)(77) - Lackawanna HS

Phil McConkey (Giants/Packers)(84-88)(73) - Canisius HS
Mark Murphy (Redskins)(77-84)(109) - Clarence HS

Keith O'Neil (Cowboys/Colts)(03-present)(42) - Sweet Home HS
Vaughn Parker (Chargers/Redskins)(94-04)(122) - St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute
Ron Pitts (Bills/Packers)(86-90)(66) - Orchard Park HS

Sean Ryan (Cowboys)(04-present)(9) - St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute

John Stofa (Dolphins/Bengals)(66-68)(18) - SUNY at Buffalo

Justin Strzelczyk (Steelers)(90-98)(133) - West Seneca West HS

Josh Thomas (Colts)(04-present)(23) - Orchard Park HS

Bert Weidner (Dolphins)(90-95)(81) - Eden HS
Dave Wohlabaugh (Patriots/Browns/Rams)(95-03)(128) - Frontier HS
Craig Wolfley (Steelers)(80-91)(153) - Orchard Park HS
Ron Wolfley (Cardinals/Browns/Rams)(85-93,95)(145) - Frontier HS

Jeff Yeates (Bills/Falcons)(74-84)(138) - Cardinal O'Hara HS


Niagara County:

Edward Harmon (Cowboys)(68)(0-taxi squad) - North Tonawanda Bishop Gibbons HS

Daryl Johnston (Cowboys)(89-99)(151) - Lewiston-Porter HS


Chautauqua County:

Shane Conlan (Bills/LA Rams)(87-95)(120) - Frewsburg HS

Dave Graf (Browns)(75-79)(65) - Dunkirk HS


Cattaraugus County:

Bill Bergey (Bengals/Eagles)(69-80)(159) - South Dayton HS

Chuck Crist (Giants/Saints/49'ers)(72-78)(92) - Salamanca HS

Marv Hubbard (Raiders/Lions)(69-77)(103) - Randolph HS


Wyoming County:

Henry Lawrence (Raiders)(74-86)(187) - Wyoming Central HS


Allegany County:

Bob Torrey (Giants/Dolphins/Eagles)(79-80)(14) - Bolivar HS


Genesee County:

Don Bosseler (Redskins)(57-64)(96) - Batavia HS


Orleans County:
Ernie Clark (Lions/Cardinals)(63-68)(82) - Medina HS



Arizona Cardinals (2)
Atlanta Falcons (8)
Baltimore Colts (2)
Baltimore Ravens (4)
Carolina Panthers (4)
Chicago Bears (8)
Cincinnati Bengals (16)
Cleveland Browns (9)
Dallas Cowboys (8)
Denver Broncos (13)
Detroit Lions (6)
Green Bay Packers (8)
Houston Oilers (10)

Houston Texans (4)
Indianapolis Colts (35)
Jacksonville Jaguars (8)
Kansas City Chiefs (14)
Los Angeles Raiders (9)
Los Angeles Rams (4)
Miami Dolphins (60)
Minnesota Vikings (9)
New England Patriots (52)
New Orleans Saints (7)
NY Giants (10)
NY Jets (53)
Oakland Raiders (7)
Philadelphia Eagles (9)
Phoenix Cardinals (1)
Pittsburgh Steelers (18)
St. Louis Cardinals (2)
St. Louis Rams (3)
San Diego Chargers (11)
San Francisco 49'ers (7)
Seattle Seahawks (9)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6)
Tennessee Titans (5)
Washington Redskins (10)


AFC Divisional Games (1):
.....1981 San Diego @ Miami(2:B+ very slightly fuzzy)

AFC Championship Games (32)

NFC Championship Games (32)

Super Bowl Games (38)


MY GAMES: (by years)


Dick Jauron Era (14-18):

2007 - 16

2006 - 16

Mike Mularkey Era (14-18):

2005 - 16

2004 - 16

Gregg Williams Era (17-31):

2003 - 16

2002 - 16

2001 - 16

Wade Phillips Era (29-21):

2000 - 16

1999 - 17

1998 - 17

Marv Levy Era (123-78):

1997 - 16

1996 - 17

1995 - 18

1994 - 16

1993 - 19

1992 - 20

1991 - 19

1990 - 19

1989 - 17

1988 - 18

1987 - 15

1986 - 7

Hank Bullough Era (4-17):

1986 - 8

1985 - 10

Kay Stephenson Era (10-26):

1985 - 4

1984 - 14

1983 - 14

Chuck Knox Era (38-38):

1982 - 6

1981 - 8

1980 - 9

1979 - 6

1978 - 2

Jim Ringo Era (3-20):

1977 - 2

1976 - 1

Lou Saban Era (32-29-1):

1976 - 1

1975 - 1

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